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Being over 300 pounds, I hated looking at myself in the mirror or even going out. Going to work was hard enough because I always felt like I was being judged. I joined the gym, tried every diet humanly possible, and nothing worked. My depression became worse and worse. I finally gave in to my friends’ suggestions and talked to my doctor.

My doctor listened to me vent, and then recommended I try health and wellness counseling along with a referral to a counselor he had worked with in the past. When I first heard “health and wellness” I’ll admit that I didn’t fully understand what that entailed. I just knew that I was struggling in my life with my weight loss goals.

How Could a Counselor Help Me Lose Weight?

This exact question plagued my mind as I called and made the appointment. I was nervous and considering backing out. Still unsure and reluctant, I met my counselor a few weeks later in his cozy office. The first impression of him was healthy, happy and genuine. Feeling comfortable immediately, we began to discuss my issues, weight loss difficulty, short and long-term goals, as well as emotional problems.

I left the session feeling hopeful and understood. The counselor had actually listened to how I felt and what I was struggling with. He didn’t belittle me, nor did he make me feel ashamed of myself. His generosity and understanding sparked a little bit of hope that I had been missing for a long time.

A New Game Plan with my New Coach

My counselor became my coach, and I was more motivated than ever to accomplish my goals of losing weight. He inspired me, supported me and held me accountable for my actions. He set up meetings with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. We met every two weeks to talk honestly about how I was feeling and my progress.

At first, I tried to make excuses and of course cheat. He helped me realize that I was enabling my “bad behaviors” for myself. I began to realize what my “triggers” were and together we formulated a plan to cope with them more healthily. At times I wanted to hate him, but in the end, I appreciated his persistence when I started actually to see results.

My Life Changed for the Better

In the beginning, I was incredibly skeptical about seeing a health and wellness counselor to lose weight. In hindsight, it was the best thing I have ever done, and I am so thankful not only for my doctor for the referral but also for my counselor who became my coach and mentor. After a year, I was finally at my goal weight of 145 pounds. I had lost 155 pounds, and I finally loved myself. I no longer shy away from going out with friends or looking into the mirror. Meeting with a health and wellness counselor changed my life for the better.