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Smoking had been my vice for over 15 years, and my health was taking a hit because of it. My cough was constant and sounded disgusting. I had high blood pressure, and my endurance was shot. My clothes and hair constantly reeked, as well as my home and car. Most of my friends had quit smoking through various methods. I tried everything from the patch, gum, medication, and nothing worked.

Finally Admitting the Need for Help

I finally broke down and confided in my doctor. She had been trying to help me quit over several months now without success. She referred me to a health and wellness counselor that other patients had success with. I questioned her suggestion because how could a counselor help me quit smoking? I knew I was out of options, so I took the referral and made an appointment. I figured I would try it once, and then move on to something else.

Health and Wellness Counseling

Despite my doubts, I went and met with the counselor a week later. The office was small and comfortable and the receptionist made me feel welcome. The counselor, a middle-aged woman, called me into her office and I immediately trusted her. She introduced herself to me and told me what health and wellness counseling consisted of. Her only rule for me was to be honest, no matter what, and she would help me. I feel safe and comfortable, so I decided to dive in headfirst and begin treatment.

Fewer Cravings and Knowing More About Myself

Honestly, I was expecting medications and whatnot from this counselor to help me quit smoking, but I was wrong. Instead, she gave me exercises, taught me coping mechanisms, changed my habits, and I began to learn my triggers. She helped me recognize situations that triggered my need to smoke more versus situations that didn’t. My counselor forced me to really look at my life and how I chose to interact with my surroundings. She forced me to think about why I opted to choose to be in situations that made me want to smoke.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

I began to ride my bike every day at a suggestion by my counselor, and in the beginning, I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. I could only ride around my block, but soon enough I was able to ride miles. My cravings drastically decreased and my health started to improve. My blood pressure began to get lower, my endurance improved and my cough all but disappeared. Life was improving overall, and I was happier than ever.

No Regrets and Feeling Great

While I was hesitant in the beginning, seeing my health and wellness counselor was the best decision I ever made. The quality of my life is terrific, and I have absolutely no regrets about everything it took to get me to this point. Being able to be active and enjoy my environment has been nothing short of amazing.